Matthew Chan
Matthew Chan

Matthew Chan is the author of several business books, manuals, and audio programs. They include “The TurnKey Publisher” Series, “The TurnKey Investor” Series, and The Intrepid Way.

For over 10 years, Matthew Chan has created and established Internet Presences for himself, his business partners, and hand-picked clients.

Matthew has established dominating Internet/web presences for diverse businesses and causes including: I.T. Training & Consulting, Real Estate Property Management, Mobile Home Sales & Rentals, Hair Styling Services, Book Publishing, Ballroom Dance Lessons, Bookkeeping & Accounting Services, Legal & Attorney Services, Authors & Speakers, Real Estate Investor Groups, Online Communities, and Seminar/Workshop Events.

Matthew has done this without becoming a web programmer or the need of complicated or elaborate (and sometimes questionable) SEO techniques & tactics. He believes in teaching and empowering his clients to becoming prominent, self-sufficient Internet citizens, not enabling them to become forever dependent on so-called “SEO experts”.

Matthew’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from University of Central Florida, and a Masters of Business Administration from Webster University. Born and raised in Florida, he is currently based in Columbus, Georgia.



P.O. Box 6391
Columbus, GA 31917

Email: matt30060 at gmail