Heyspread is a Basic Bulk Video Uploading Service

In my last post about Traffic Geyser, I stated that Traffic Geyser was both overrated and over-priced. As an alternative, I found Heyspread as an alternative bulk video uploading service. Heyspread refers to themselves as a “video distribution service”. In 2009, I remembered more video hosting sites listed on Heyspread. However, now in late 2011 as a I write this, there are less than a dozen video hosting sites listed on Heyspread.

Compared to the number of total video hosting sites available, the Heyspread list is a relatively short one. However, it also happens to service important ones like Blip, Dailymotion, Veoh, Facebook, and Youtube.

The way Heyspread works is you have to buy credits in advance (pre-paid). The cost of each credit is 5 cents / ($0.05). For each site you upload to, it costs 1 credit.  And so if you decide to use Heyspread to upload to 4 sites such as Blip, Dailymotion, Youtube, and Veoh, you will end up using 4 credits or 20 cents / $0.20. Assuming it takes at least 10 minutes per video upload, you are saving yourself 30-minutes and only paying the 4 credits (20 cents). To me, it is a great value proposition.

The true value of Heyspread is that the more video sites you upload to, the greater the value in terms of saved upload time. After all, who wants to upload their video 4 separate times when you can do it all at once and pay a small token fee for the service? However, make no mistake, you ultimately have to set up and configure an individual account on each video hosting site. And once you upload your files, there is a good chance you will have to go into each video account to tweak your video tags and descriptions.

Heyspread leaves out one important video hosting site, Vimeo. However, the work-around is if you already have a Blip account, you can use Blip to directly upload that video to Vimeo. And so, you have to do some extra mouse-clicks but at least you won’t have to sit around for another video upload.

I highly recommend adding Heyspread to your arsenal of video marketing tools. The service is simple and the price is right.

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