My Review of TubeMogul – Bulk Video Upload & Distribution

I first discovered TubeMogul in 2009 after I went looking for an alternative to the over-rated Traffic Geyser.

TubeMogul is a good bulk video upload and distribution service but I find what they offer to be much more expensive compared to HeySpread. And while the TubeMogul list of sites looks impressive, if you drill down and evaluate the most useful video sites to upload business videos, it comes down to a handful of video sites they have listed. However, the feeds they offer is nice as well as updates to social networks.

There is no question they have a more robust service than Heyspread and certainly much more credible than Traffic Geyser. For $75/month (as of November 2011), it is not a bad price but you have to commit to a 12-month subscription. Otherwise, you can choose to go month-to-month at $150/month.

Either way, the price is high enough to think twice about. Essentially, the overall number and length of your videos you need to upload per month (over the course of a year) and how much time you (or your staff) will save using TubeMogul will ultimately determine whether you should pay their annual subscription.

In 2009, I was happy with the free TubeMogul service and from what I see, they have improved their features immensely. Nevertheless, I am not willing to be a paying customer just yet. I think it is worth the time to check out their free service. TubeMogul is clearly not for the beginning video marketer. It is for the more experienced and higher-volume video marketer.

I still think HeySpread gives the best value but if you need something more than HeySpread, I would definitely recommend TubeMogul over Traffic Geyser anytime.

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