Traffic Geyser for Video Marketing is Overrated

In 2007, I adopted video marketing strategies that I new would eventually become very important for anyone engaged in internet marketing and Internet/Web/online presence activities. Further, I knew video marketing would become an essential part of both establishing and building an online reputation. My early efforts in adopting video marketing was simplistic. Vimeo was my primary video hosting service of choice, not Youtube. I eventually utilized Youtube but Vimeo was and continues to be my “home base” to store my “master videos”.

In 2009, I learned about Traffic Geyser from a publicist friend who had heard Mike Koenigs speak at a publishing and marketing event. I was intrigued with the premise of Traffic Geyser. It is essentially a bulk video uploading service. For anyone who has attempted to upload many videos, upload speed is an ongoing aggravation and frustration for many. This is one reason why I have resisted moving to HD video and stay with SD video especially for projects when I want to move very quickly on.

In any case, Traffic Geyser is an interesting product with an interesting premise that allows you to tag, prepare, and bulk upload your videos to dozens of obscure and not-so-obscure video sharing websites. During my evaluation period, I found the service functional. But most importantly, I was interested in which video sharing websites I would be able to upload to. I took their video sharing list and “hand-visited” each video sharing site. And with the exception of 3-4 sites, I found most of the video sharing sites totally unsuitable for what I wanted to use them for in my business.

The premise of Traffic Geyser is that the more videos you upload and share across the video sharing websites, the greater the opportunity it will be indexed within the major search engines. That part is true. However, if you actually care about your online credibility and reputation, unless you are actually in the porn business, having your business videos become “neighbors” with either hard-core or soft-core videos sends a bad message that you are indiscriminate in your video marketing efforts. Basically, you are using a shotgun approach and spraying your videos to whatever will take it.

I believe Traffic Geyser delivers on its promise to tag, prepare, and bulk upload your videos. But it is over-priced and oversold. The truth of the matter is, it is worth looking into during the trial and evaluation period but that is it. If you are a business and want to create and maintain a reputable and credible Internet/web/online presence, you would do much better being selective if which video sharing sites you use.  I have my favorites but that is the subject of another article.

The folks selling and promoting Traffic Geyser are excellent marketers and they tend to target the less-sophisticated online marketer. Some of the information they offer is good advice but unfortunately there are still no big shortcuts in the world of video uploading. And from what I have seen Traffic Geyser is overrated and over-priced.

If you want a near-comprehensive list of video sharing websites to consider to upload your marketing and informational videos, I would visit Wikipedia’s Comparison of Video Hosting Services.

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  1. Hi

    I strongly disagree. The TG system (as I have it in my MSMM account) adds so many unique features to use for video’s, do and add to your video it still is unequalled.

    Some of those are: creating custom players with conversion options to show video’s on your website, scheduling submission of video’s, creating podcasts for the videos, transcribe service for the video’s and so forth.

    Where it is lacking is bulk uploading, editing and adding of files. You have to work file by file, which can be a lot of work if you have, say, 160 videos for various clients.


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