Why Building Online Credibility is Important

Every person, business, and organization has an online reputation of some kind. For many people, a business or organization having a non-existent online presence is similar to having a bad online reputation. It also means they have zero online credibility to potential customers.

In the world of credit and credit scores, people either have good credit, bad credit, marginal credit, or no credit.  The “no credit” folks are often thrown into the group of “marginal credit” or “bad credit” because of the assumption that most adults SHOULD have a credit score of some kind. And if you don’t, something is wrong with you. It is not necessarily true or accurate but that is the general perception.

In the business world, every business and organization is now expected to have their own website at least. And not only should they have their own website, it should be listed and easily found in the Google or Yahoo search engines. Many savvy consumers expect businesses to have some level of Internet/web/online presence and they want to be able to “check you out”. And if they can’t, your online credibility is called into question.

I regard myself and my various businesses as has having a high degree of online credibility. It is something I actively work at. The reason why is that I make a concerted effort to deliver accurate, high-quality information without exaggerated claims. I also do not engage in high-pressure, high-sleaze sales campaigns. I don’t engage in super-sensationalistic claims like “how to get rich in 24-hours” or “how to lose 20 lbs in 3-days” and the like. I treat my potential customers as intelligent consumers and “tell it like it is” without all the hype.

I build online credibility by actively avoiding associating my name and online presence with people and organizations with low-credibility or low-reputations and only associate myself with those who have reasonably good or high credibility and reputations. The reason why I actively do this is because I want to earn the respect and trust of those I do business with as quickly as I can. I cannot do this if I am constantly worried about who I am associated with potentially tarnishing my online reputation.

Building online credibility does not have a specific dollar value. It is something you either care about or you don’t. Having high online credibility makes it much easier for your message to be accepted with a high degree of trust. With trust, you can then escalate the conversation and engagement to working together or selling your products and services.

I find it interesting how nearly everyone wants to be associated with someone high online credibility and a high online reputation but they themselves won’t spend the time and effort to build one themselves.

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