Why Focusing on SEO is Not Good Enough

Everywhere you turn in the world of online marketing, you see the term “SEO” or “SEO marketing”. For those of you who don’t know what “SEO” stands for, it stands for “search-engine optimization”. It is the art and science of preparing your website and its content in such a way that they are listed prominently in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Make no mistake, I am a big-believer and active practitioner of SEO techniques and strategies. However, am I an SEO engineer or an SEO specialist? No. Do I want to become an SEO engineeer or SEO specialist? No, not really. I will tell you why. First, I am an entrepreneur and a businessman. My focus is on the core business and being a better marketer.  Many years ago, I learned basic web development skills simply because I had a knack for it plus I didn’t want to be dependent on someone else for basic web things. To this day, I am not a programmer but I manage to get LOTS done without being an HTML or JAVA programmer.

Ever since Google came along, they have given the little-guys a fighting chance to be listed just as prominently (and sometimes even moreso) than the well-funded big boys. And even more amazing, despite what some SEO engineers or SEO specialists might claim, it is entirely possible to be listed prominently in Google without becoming an SEO engineer or SEO specialist.

How can this be true?

It has a lot to do with how Google has designed its search algorithms. The Google engineers are very smart and their access is wide. They hear and see about every scam there is in trying to illegimately “game” the Google search results. They actively tweak their search algorithms to ensure a “fair” playing field.

Google has no tolerance for spamming. It has and continues to be Google’s mission to provide quality search results that are based on high-quality content, not spammed or illegitimate content.

If someone is an SEO engineer or SEO specialist, they will have the time and energy to devote to minutia. But for the rest of us non-SEO types constantly “tweaking” our content is not a good or practical option. Why not focus on high-quality content that has longevity to begin with?

My approach to learning SEO is to learn patterns in what search-engines look for. For example, years ago, I noticed how text articles written in a blog format or a blog platform seemed to carry more weight than text in flat-file web pages. It wasn’t long before I figured out that I needed to migrate all of my websites to a blog-based platform. And in case you don’t know, my current favorite blog platform of choice (among the many tens of thousands of other website owners) is the WordPress platform. (As a side comment, I do have a few websites I have not converted over to WordPress yet but that is mostly a time and priority issue.)

Another thing I learned is that videos are highly-weighted content in search engines. (I surmise that despite the millions of videos in existence today, videos as a form of searchable content is still relatively scarce compared to the billions of web pages to index and contend with today.) And so I gradually moved into producing video content to support my websites. Video has now become so important for me, I formed Tempest Broadcasting as a business venture to create and distribute videos for myself and business associates.

I noticed how prominently Amazon and eBay listings turned up on Google search results and I produced and listed published products that I could list and sell on those shopping sites to take advantage of this and incorporate into my Internet/Web/online presence strategy. I formed Ascend Beyond Publishing as a business venture to create books and audio programs for myself and business associates.

I noticed how prominently Facebook, Myspace, Linkedin, and other social media site links turned up on Google search results and it wasn’t long before I incorporated social media as part of expanding my Internet/web/online presence strategy. In fact, it was this overall and continuous building of Internet/Web/online presences for myself and business associates which ultimately led me to launch Web Domination Strategies as a way to teach others to do the same.

The point of my listing these important observations is to demonstrate how seeing patterns of how search engines work can easily work to your advantage without ever becoming an SEO engineer and SEO specialist.

As Google constantly reminds everyone, it is all about producing good, high-quality content. That is one of my “secrets” to my online longevity on the Internet except that it really isn’t a big secret at all. I have gotten quite good at producing good content quickly on many platforms: text, video, audio, CDs, DVDs, books, ebooks, etc. How many SEO specialists would even think or consider taking on traditional media products as a way to enhance your Internet/web/online presence? Focusing on just SEO is too narrow and limiting.

SEO does not discuss the importance of traditional branding or appointing a figurehead to further enhance your SEO efforts. My best advice to those who wish to succeed is to simply start paying attention to the results that come up in your searches. They provide important clues and insight as to what you should do next.

In conclusion, SEO is only one tool you use to expand your Internet/Web/Online presence and online reputation. It is not a replacement for them.

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